20th Busload of Illegals Arrives In Democrat City

Bus carrying illegal immigrants arrives in LA from Texas via FOX 11 Los Angeles.
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Another bus carrying illegal immigrants has arrived in downtown Los Angeles.

“One bus with migrants on board from Texas arrived around 1:45 p.m. today at Union Station,” read a statement from Mayor Karen Bass’s office.

“This is the 20th bus that has arrived. The city has continued to work with city departments, the county, and a coalition of nonprofit organizations, in addition to our faith partners, to execute a plan set in place earlier this year.” (Trending: Woman Raised in USSR Says Biden’s DOJ Acts Like KGB)

“As we have before, when we became aware of the bus yesterday, we activated our plan.”

Border states are seeing an unprecedented and historic surge at the southern border following Joe Biden’s reversal of Donald Trump’s policies.

Republicans argue that Democrats need to take action and accept responsibility for failing to enforce federal laws.

California Mayor Karen Bass said, “Governor [Greg] Abbott continues to put vulnerable lives in jeopardy with limited food and water on multi-day bus journeys to Los Angeles.”

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) said, “When migrants arrive in California—more than 434,000 have arrived in California since 2019—we receive them, integrate them into society, and they in turn contribute positively to our way of life. The Golden State is an immigrant state and that will not change.” (Trending: Trump Makes The Biggest Promise Of His Political Career)

“It is abhorrent and cruel of Gov. Abbott to send human beings who are tired, hungry and yearning for a safe haven on a 30-hour bus ride without regard for their care, journey or destination,” CHIRLA wrote on X.

“It is clear he is trying to disrupt our efforts, but we will persevere.”

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