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BreakingReports.org is owned by VIP Ad Solutions LLC, which was founded by Dartmouth College graduates Joshua Riddle and David Rufful. Our multi-person editorial staff provides commentary and political news. BreakingReports is a truly independent news publication and has never accepted outside funding.

The mission of BreakingReports is to provide fast and reliable updates on breaking news and current events. Our team of writers provides real-time reporting that is factual, trusted, and delivered to hundreds of thousands of monthly subscribers. The site primarily offers journalism and reports on current events. In addition to David and Josh, our senior writers include Natalia Kay, Claire O’Hare, Andrew Mark Miller, Nick Arama, and Carver Malone. BreakingReports.org fact-checks all published content to ensure accuracy and truth. The website publishes correction notices and editor notes where necessary.

By accessing BreakingReports, you agree to our Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy, and Ethics Policy. The website enforces community standards and a code of conduct to ensure readers act lawfully, honestly, and ethically. Readers are allowed to comment on articles and express diverse views, experiences, ideas, and information. Readers are able to talk openly about the issues that matter to them, even if some may disagree or find them objectionable. The staff and personnel of BreakingReports.org monitor comments from readers and reserve the right to remove comments and ban readers for repeated violations. To contact us, you may use our contact form or directly at [email protected]. To contact a specific journalist, view our editorial team for individual biographies. Links are shared to millions of subscribers through email as well as its official Facebook page Breaking News Reports.

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