‘You Sold Your Soul for This?’ Dodgers Use Shameless Ploy to Win Back Christian Fans

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The Los Angeles Dodgers organization has suffered an embarrassing public relations crisis after inviting, dis-inviting, and re-inviting a controversial group of cross-dressers called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Some Christians have argued the group is blasphemous by purposefully disrespecting God and sacred Christian beliefs.

Rather than focusing on baseball, the multi-billion dollar MLB organization has unnecessarily involved itself in the ongoing controversy of “wokeness” that is infiltrating companies across the nation.

To help win back Christian fans, Dodgers star pitcher Clayton Kershaw, who is an avowed Christian, coincidently announced “the relaunch of Christian Faith and Family Day at Dodger Stadium on July 30th.”

This attempt to pander to Christians appears to be falling flat following the initial controversy.

Conservative pundit Mike Cernovich responded, “You sold your soul for this?”

CatholicVote, one of the largest Catholic advocacy groups in the country, and its president Brian Burch said, “The @Dodgers’ announcement today is the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound and in no way diminishes the harm and hurt caused by their plan to honor a vile anti-Catholic organization.”

“Creating a ‘faith and family’ event does not balance the decision to honor a perverted, fake ‘nun’ group that exists to mock the Catholic religion.”

“In many ways, it emphasizes the contrast, and makes our case even stronger.”

“It’s hard to interpret this announcement as anything other than a public relations stunt intended to blunt the widespread national backlash that is only growing stronger,” Burch added. “The Dodgers have one path forward: apologize and stop honoring hateful anti-Catholic organizations.”

Kershaw said, “More details to come— but we are grateful for the opportunity to talk about Jesus and determined to make it bigger and better than it was before COVID. Hope to see you on July 30th!”

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