Aaron Lewis Pays Tribute To Fallen Soldiers In Song ‘Folded Flag’

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Country music star Aaron Lewis was reportedly hanging out with a few soldiers in 2017 before a show in North Carolina, who were sharing stories of their service overseas.

“Lewis’ guitar player, Luc Nyhus, asked if he could play the soldiers a song he wrote, to which they, of course, said yes,” according to reports.

“Lewis was so moved by the song that he knew he had to start playing it at his live shows,” the report added. You can watch it here:

Lewis surprised his fans when he debuted a new song titled “Folded Flag” on June 14, 2017.

The patriotic song follows a young man who enlisted in the service, started a family, and makes the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Lewis was born in Rutland, Vermont, in 1972 and began playing guitar at the age of 12.

In 2010, Lewis released his debut solo EP, Town Line. The EP was a success, and Lewis followed it up with his debut solo album, The Road, in 2012.

Lewis has released two more solo albums since then: Sinner in 2016 and Frayed at Both Ends in 2022.

He is a vocal supporter of the military and veterans. Lewis has performed at several benefit concerts for veterans, and he has also donated money to veteran charities.

In 2015, Lewis was awarded the Bob Woodruff Award for Excellence in Media.

Lewis has been praised for his powerful vocals and his honest lyrics. His band has sold over 15 million albums worldwide.