GOP Governor Gushes On ‘The View,’ Claims Trump Won’t Win Nomination in 2024

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Republican Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire looked cozy and comfortable appearing alongside the far-left hosts of ABC’s “The View.”

Anti-Trump governor has positioned himself as a “centrist” who doesn’t side with staunch conservatives on several key issues, such as gun control. Sununu failed to dispute the false argument that the 1990s “assault weapons ban” stopped mass shootings.

Siding with Democrats, Sununu argued that President Trump cannot win in 2024.

Sununu also claimed Republicans shouldn’t fight back against transgender and pro-abortion activists.

Sununu also criticized Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida by claiming his presidential campaign is “about a culture war.”

In 2016, Sununu became governor of New Hampshire, and the state has been under Republican control since 2021.

However, despite this voting record, New Hampshire is considered a somewhat purple state, as it voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and President Joe Biden in 2020.

During a recent appearance on a talk show hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Sununu agreed with Goldberg’s false characterization of the debate on inappropriate books in schools.

Parents across the U.S. have been speaking out against sexually explicit and inappropriate materials in schools.

Left-wing school boards have been ignoring these concerns, leading states like Florida to mandate the removal of such books.

Sununu acknowledged that he disagrees with some school board decisions, but believes that individuals have the power to make changes through voting and holding officials accountable.