Explosive New Epstein Emails Revealed in Lawsuit

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Numerous high-profile public figures were associated with Jeffrey Epstein even after he was a convicted sex offender, such as Microsoft Founder Bill Gates and JP Morgan senior executive Jes Staley.

In a new development, a lawsuit filed by the U.S. government accused JPMorgan Chase of “complicity” in Epstein’s criminal activity.

Epstein had a “close personal relationship” with Jes Staley, who was a senior executive at JP Morgan. Stanley once emailed Epstein about concerns that he was being “tracked.”

On two separate occasions when Staley visited Epstein properties, money was wired to “a woman with an Eastern European surname.”

In one email from July 2010, Senior Executive Jes Staley of JP Morgan “sent an email to Epstein, saying: ‘Maybe they’re tracking u? That was fun. Say hi to Snow White.’”

Epstein responded, ‘[W]hat character would you like next?’”

Staley said, “Beauty and the Beast.

Epstein replied, “Well one side is available.”

“At least 20 individuals paid through JP Morgan accounts were victims of trafficking and sexual assault in Little St. James, New York, and/or other Epstein properties,” according to the lawsuit.

Little St. James was the location of Epstein’s Virgin Islands home.

“Epstein also withdrew more than $775,000 in cash over that time frame from JP Morgan accounts, especially significant as Epstein was known to pay for ‘massages,’ or sexual encounters, in cash.”

“Financial information also reflects payments drawn from JP Morgan accounts of nearly $1.5 million to known recruiters, including to the MC2 modeling agency, and another $150,000 to a private investigative firm,” the lawsuit said.

“These women were trafficked and abused during different intervals between at least 2003 and July 2019, when Epstein was arrested and jailed, and these women received payments, typically multiple payments, between 2003 and 2013 in excess of $1 million collectively,” the lawsuit said.

“Epstein paid more than $600,0000 to Jane Doe 1, a woman who — according to news reports contained in JP Morgan’s due diligence reports — Epstein purchased at the age of 14. Like other women who received payments from Epstein, Jane Doe 1 listed Epstein’s apartments on 66th Street in New York City as her address, which should have been a red flag to JP Morgan.”

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“Between 2008 and 2012, Staley exchanged approximately 1,200 emails with Epstein from his JP Morgan email account. These communications show a close personal relationship and ‘profound’ friendship between the two men and even suggest that Staley may have been involved in Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation,” the lawsuit said.

In 2008, Epstein was found guilty of procuring a 14-year-old child for prostitution. This didn’t stop people like Bill Gates from hanging out with Epstein.

In one email from 2011, three years after Epstein spent 13 months in custody for pedophilia, Gates said that he found Epstein’s lifestyle “very different” and “kind of intriguing.”

The abhorrent continued relationship played a role in Gates’ divorce from Melinda Gates after 27 years of marriage.

During a recent interview, Gates uncomfortably attempts to downplay his relationship with Epstein. While Gates claims he merely had “dinners” with Epstein, the friendship was much deeper than that.

The two billionaires met on numerous occasions, including at least three times at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse. On one occasion, they stayed up late into the night.

Australia’s TV host Sarah Ferguson asked, “Do you regret the relationship that you maintained with him against Melinda’s advice and wishes?”

Gates said, “I will say for the over a 100th time, yeah, I shouldn’t have had dinners with him.”