Jill Biden Says Joe Is ‘Doing Great Job’ Despite Country Falling Apart: ‘He’s Strong and Has Wisdom’

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First Lady Jill Biden does not have an accurate picture of the effects of President Joe Biden’s U.S. policies.

She believes he is doing a great job keeping the country on course.

Jill has somehow overlooked key missteps of Biden’s presidency.

The high rise in inflation, ineffective Afghanistan withdrawal, high gas prices, and speech blunders are prime examples.

“I wish people could see more of what Joe has accomplished and how hard he’s working,” Jill stated, consistently saying he is doing a “great” job.

Despite low approval ratings Jill will continue to claim her husband is working 24/7 to keep solving the nation’s challenges.

“Sometimes it feels like we’re pushing this boulder up the hill, but progress is being made,” Jill stated, adding, “I don’t want to sound like a political ad, but we have done so much.”

“Gas prices are a huge issue, and Joe is, every single day, on the phone talking to leaders about gas and oil. These problems are coming so fast and furious, and certainly, a lot of it is dark,” Jill continued.

Even though the U. S. continues to face crisis after crisis, Jill will share accomplishments Biden has made.

These accomplishments, however, do not have anything to do with the current major problems.

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“It’s a tough time in history. And Joe and I see that… Joe’s been in office for, what, 18 months now? And everybody has access to vaccines. We got the schools reopened — thank God we all got off Zoom — we got health care, we got money for broadband so underserved kids can have internet,” Jill said.

This comes after Biden’s approval rating hit the lowest any modern president has seen.

However, Jill still blindly applauds her husband’s job in office.

“He’s steady, he’s strong, he has wisdom, he knows politics, and he knows where he wants to take the country…I think that’s the reason he was elected,” Jill said.

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