Texas GOP Openly Declares Biden an Illegitimate President And Rejects Certified 2020 Results

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A resolution was passed by the state Republican Party in Texas that states Joe Biden was “not legitimately elected” in the 2020 presidential election, according to IJR and Western Journal.

In a statement, the Texas GOP said, “We believe that the 2020 election violated Article 1 and 2 of the US Constitution, that various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislatures in conducting their elections in multiple ways, including by allowing ballots to be received after November 3, 2020.”

Left-wing fact-checkers have repeatedly confirmed there is no proof of widespread voter fraud that would have impacted the outcome of the election.

President Donald Trump has argued that numerous states have shown significant inaccuracies and irregularities.

The wildly popularly “2000 Mules” documentary film recently analyzed serious questions about the potential abuse of absentee votes in swing states.

The resolution states, “We believe that substantial election fraud in key metropolitan areas significantly affected the results in five key states in favor of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.”

“We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States,” the resolution said.

“We strongly urge all Republicans to work to ensure election integrity and to show up to vote in November of 2022, bring your friends and family, volunteer for your local Republicans, and overwhelm any possible fraud,” the resolution continued.

More on this story via IJR and Western Journal:

Jason Vaughn, 38, a Republican delegate from Houston, said he was involved in adding the language about the midterm elections to the resolution, according to The New York Times.

“My fear is that if we keep telling people the [2020] election was stolen, they’re going to not go and vote,” Vaughn said.

James Wesolek, the communications director for the Republican Party of Texas, told the Times that the resolution reflects the party’s rank and file membership.

“That was the will of the body,” Wesolek said Sunday. “We pride ourselves on being a grass-roots party.”

The resolution passed by a voice vote, Wesolak told The Hill.

Party Chairman Matt Rinaldi predicted gains in the fall elections.

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“A red wave is going to sweep across Texas and this nation and begin a new era,” he said, according to The Washington Post.

Rinaldi called for Texas Republicans “to take the fight directly to the left and go on offense.”

“This means using our state majority to define the debate. This means influencing the public opinion instead of following the polls,” he said, according to the Post.