Man Shot Dead After Attempting To Rob Texas Gun Store Armed With Knife

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A man committed a deadly mistake in Texas when he allegedly tried to rob a gun store while armed with a knife.

The incident occurred around 3 p.m. in Houston at Carter’s Country guns and ammunition store.

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Police said the unidentified man was carrying a “bladed object” and began stealing from the cash register.

A store employee confronted him and shot at him twice, police said in a statement.

Houston police lieutenant Larry Crowson said, “Once he went there [the gun shop], he actually went behind the counter [and] started ruffling through the cash register.”

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“He was confronted by one of the employees, at that point, one of the employees felt in fear of their safety and fired two shots, at least one struck,” the officer added.

The employee who pulled the triggered said they were in fear for their life.

The suspect attempted to flee the scene, but collapse in the parking lot outside.

Police followed the trail of blood and took him to a nearby hopsital where he was pronounced dead.

More on this story via Daily Wire:

Neither the dead man nor the store employee who shot him was identified. Police said the incident was captured on surveillance video, but did not release it amid the investigation.

Witnesses told police the suspect had tried to shoplift from a clothing store next door before going into the gun store.

“The guy looked like he was a homeless person,” Marcus Fomby, who saw the suspect inside Suit Mart before the shooting, told Click2Houston. “Basically, they told him to just let go of the jeans or we’ll call the police.”

Carter’s Country Outdoor Stores is a family-run chain of four retail stores and a shooting range established in the 1960s in Houston. The company also offers commercial guided hunting trips in Texas and Colorado, according to its website.

In 2016, Carter’s Country was the scene of a brazen, early dawn heist in which thieves stole more than 50 weapons. Surveillance footage showed the thieves backing a black Ford F-250 pickup truck up to the store and attaching chains to the door and the rear of the truck to rip the door off its hinges. They then ransacked the store, smashing display cases and and stealing rifles and handguns. Police busted the ring within days.

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