Ex-Cop Father Of 14-Year-Old Kills Stalker Armed With Shotgun, Goes Free Under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

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A retired police lieutenant and father of 14-year-old Ava Majury will not be charged after shooting and killing an 18-year-old man who stalked his daughter.

The 18-year-old Eric Rohan Justin reportedly drove hundreds of miles while armed with a shotgun from Maryland to the home of Ava Majury in Naples, Florida.

According to police reports, Justin came to the Majury’s home in Naples, Florida on July 10, 2020. He shot open the front door before the shotgun jammed. Ava also has two brothers in the home, Evan and Logan, ages 17 and 11.

Ava’s father, Rob Majury, gave chase but fell, hurting his knee. Justin later returned to the home and pointed the gun at Rob Majury. Majury shot and killed him.

Police found thousands of photographs of Ava Majury as well as hundreds of hours of her videos on his phone.

Mr. Justin initially messaged Ava with a breakdown of what he would pay for “booty pics.” She blocked him on all her accounts in response.

He proceeded to plead with her to unblock him and sent her hundreds of dollars.

More on this story via Daily Wire:

The father was not charged under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law…

Ava Majury, 14, whose videos showed her singing, dancing or pulling pranks, noticed in early 2020 that one of her followers, Eric Rohan Justin, 18, of Ellicott City, Md., was becoming obsessed with her, messaging her in Snapchat and on Instagram, and even joining online games she played with her brothers, The New York Times reported in a lengthy piece about the story. Ava initially responded to Justin as she did with other fans, but learned he was buying her personal information, including her cellphone number, from her friends in New Jersey and Florida. He then would call or text her.

“Ava’s parents allowed her to sell Mr. Justin a couple of selfies that she had already posted to Snapchat,” The Times noted…

Ava later received messages on Venmo from a man that the Majurys discovered matched that of a registered sex offender.

Since the incident, Michael Marino, an entertainment lawyer, created AGM Creations for Ava; she is now represented by Washington lawyer Lanny Davis and his public relations firm.

Ava is still on social media and her parents support the idea; her mother claimed she did not want Ava to be forced off by “sick individuals,” saying, “Why should we allow them to stop her? Maybe she’s meant to bring awareness to all this.”

Ava said that at night she has doubts about continuing on social media but by the mornings, “I thought of all the benefits. … Most people would say the money. And yeah, it’s a huge benefit. But it’s the experience. I got to go to L.A., the people that I met. Just being able to make other people smile is what I like, the enjoyment of seeing the impact I made on some people’s lives. I’d post a video at night, close my eyes, and in the morning it was exciting to see how many views I got.”

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