Candace Owens Responds After Her Book Is Deemed ‘Racist’ by American Booksellers Association

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Unbelievably, the American Booksellers Association (ABA) called Candace Owens’ book “racist.”

Owens responded by directly ripping into the association and its CEO Allison Hill.

The liberals at ABA were actually promoting the book, but then apologized and called it “racist.”

Owens said, “For those of you that don’t know, the CEO of American Bookseller’s Association (@ABAbook) recently sent around an email, apologizing for promoting my book and labeling my book as racist.”

“The is the CEO, Allison Hill, who sees no irony in calling a black woman racist,” Owens said in a tweet.

“I am calling for a public apology from @ABAbook and Allison Hill,” Owens continued.

“It is an act of unspeakable, explicit racism for a white woman to send around an e-mail slandering and denigrating an autobiographical book from a black woman who came from nothing. We cannot accept this racism,” she added.

More from Daily Wire:

Owens hit back at the ABA, calling for an apology and accusing Hill and the group of “unspeakable, explicit racism” and slander for their characterization of Owen’s book, “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation”…

Earlier this year, the ABA confused Owens’ book with another, mistakenly promoting Owens’ book to hundreds of book stores. As The Daily Wire reported:

In July, the organization mistook a social-justice-themed teen romance titled “Blackout,” for Candace Owens’ best-selling book, “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation,” sending out a cover image of Owens’ book to approximately 750 stores. The group also included publicity copies of Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage,” a work critical of the gender transition trend among teen girls.

When leftwing shop-owners and activists erupted in outrage, ABA CEO Allison Hill immediately apologized for the “horrific harm” the mailing caused, calling it a “serious, violent incident.” She also described Owens’ book as “racist.”

Hill then assured retailers that the ABA was putting new procedures in place to prevent future similar mistakes.

In August, Hill wrote a letter apologizing to the booksellers and explaining that an internal audit had found that staffing changes and improper training were to blame for the mistakes. The mistake about Owens’ book, she explained, was due to ignorant staff pulling the cover image of Owens’ book without recognizing the conservative author.