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Marsha Blackburn called for Dr. Fauci to “step aside”and also suggested that he be investigated after emails have emerged revealing his close association with social media giant Mark Zuckerber, according to Town Hall.

“Dr. Fauci was more concerned about himself and his reputation than he was about getting information to the American people in an accurate manner.”

“It appears [Fauci] was cherrypicking data and stats that so that he could use those in a PR campaign.”

“We also have become aware that [Fauci] was fully aware of what was being done at the Wuhan lab.”

Fauci “directed taxpayer dollars, hard earned taxpayer money to the Wuhan lab. We are aware he had gain of function research being done.”

“I think that it is fair to say, and it is appropriate, that Congress investigate this email chain now that it has come to light.”

“We need to do a deeper dive and see how this came to be.”

From Town Hall:

In light of Dr. Fauci’s released emails revealing conversations between Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) spoke to Townhall about how this is one more reason why Fauci needs to “step aside” and how Congress ought to look into to the role of Big Tech.

Certain emails show an email chain between Zuckerberg himself and Dr. Fauci, with Zuckerberg wanting Fauci to do a video for their hub.

Sen. Blackburn noted throughout the interview that “it appears [Fauci] was cherrypicking data and stats that so that he could use those in a PR campaign.” She offered the example of Fauci’s flip-flopping on masks when he claimed masks are no good followed by his insistence that you have to wear a mask, and then that you even ought to double mask.

Other members have Congress have been sounding the alarm for some time now over gain of function, notably Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI).

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was one of the first to suggest that the virus originated from a leak at the Wuhan, lab, which he consistently stuck to, despite derision from the mainstream media.

The senator was concerned with “anything [being] censored connected this to the lab.”

She also suggested that criticism for then President Donald Trump’s his support for the theory that the virus originated from a leak at the Wuhan lab, was related to Big Tech. “I think that they’re related which shows how big that big media and big tech are,” Blackburn answered when discussing criticism which came especially from the media.

The senator also took some time to discuss the sobering fact that the millions of people have died from the coronavirus, to the tune of 3.75 million people. “The end result is that we have a lot of people on the face of the earth who lost their lives,” she acknowledged.

It wasn’t merely a loss of life that is the concern. “We have individuals who were affected by the loss of life or the loss of their livelihood,” she added.

Children are especially suffering. Suicide rates among children have gone up. “Children are now suffering from emotional problems. Children lost a year of learning. They lost a year of learning,” she emphasized. “So of course we need to find out exactly what happened.”

When it comes to what should be done about Dr. Fauci going forward, the senator was clear that “the timeline is Dr. Fauci should step aside immediately.” She also pointed out that “I find it so interesting that the Biden administration continues to protect him and the Chinese Communist Party,” as the CCP “clearly… knew there was a problem” and “a situation in the province.”

Biden said he is “confident” in Fauci even after the emails were released, as Reagan reported. Katie also reported that White house Press Secretary Jen Psaki had glowing remarks about Fauci, calling him “an undeniable asset in our country’s pandemic response,” during a press briefing after the emails came out.

The administration has also stressed they are confident in the WHO’s ability to investigate the virus’ origin, despite China influencing such investigations.

Sen. Blackburn has clear plans in other ways. “What we are seeking to do is have people realize there was information that was out there that could have gone to them,” she explained. “There was an opportunity to handle this and get the information to the American people. People wanted accurate and timely information, but that’s not what they got because you have somebody, Dr. Fauci, [who] decided they were going to protect themselves instead of the American people, and it’s fair to the American people to know that.”

There is conversation about would be done,” the senator offered. “You’re looking at the involvement of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook” and “there is tremendous concern on this.”

She assured that Congress is “going to continue to work through this,” especially when “there is an awareness” and “there is a push to get something done, and we’re going to continue to get something done.”

In the House, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and James Comer (R-KY) today sent a letter to Zuckerberg about such email communication, which Katie covered.