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Critics blasted Dr. Jill Biden after she tried to say “Yes, we can,” in a mangled pronunciation of Spanish, according to The Daily Wire.

Jill Biden alongside California Governor Gavin Newsom made remarks to farmworkers on the birthday of Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez was known as an inspirational left-wing labor leader and activist.

Chavez was also known for his history of making bigoted remarks toward immigrants.

“It’s ‘Si se puede’ (Yes you/we can) not ‘Si se pwadueh,’” RGA Deputy Communications Director Joanna Rodriguez tweeted.

“I can’t even imagine what word she was trying to say. Seriously why even try pandering if you’re going to butcher it and not practice before?!”

“Si se what???? I’m sure some one will surely tell Jill Biden ‘puadray’ is NOT a word in the Spanish dictionary,” Journalist Dania Alexandrino tweeted.

“For those who are celebrating her effort, yeah NO! Very far from ‘Si se Puede’ which means ‘Yes (we) can.’ We in parenthesis because it can also be yes you can!”

“It’s wild that in the course of three months we went from a supermodel First Lady who spoke five languages, to fake Dr. Pwadway,” others mocked.

Following the clip going viral journalists and commentators brought attention to that flag that was standing behind Dr. Biden that resembled Nazi imagery.

The flag is the United Farm Workers of America.

The organization has revealed that the flag’s designer was none other than Chavez’s brother Richard Chavez.

Smithsonian Magazine emphasized that the black eagle represents Chavez’s skill as a tactician.

Christian Datoc wrote, “Questioning the @FLOTUS staffers who thought it was a good idea to put their boss in front of what looks like a giant Nazi eagle.”

“A symbol is an important thing. That is why we chose an Aztec eagle,” Cesar Chavez said. “It gives pride…When people see it they know it means dignity.”

Richard Chavez “squared off the wing edges so that the eagle would be easier for union members to draw on the handmade red flags that would give courage to the farm workers with their own powerful symbol,” claims the organization.

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The flag, while it appears to resemble imagery from the Third Reich, does not appear to have been created with the same evil ideology in mind.