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Camila Cabello has been attending weekly “racial healing sessions.”

Videos on social media showed her using racial slurs when she was a teenager.

“It created a space where I was held accountable,” Cabello told People. “You get corrected, you have homework, and you learn. That’s how you move forward. Now I know better so I can do better. You recognize your privilege.”

Cabello issued a public apology.

Cabello and her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, joined protesters in Miami after the death of George Floyd.

“As I learned more about other people’s experiences in the world, I was like, ‘How do I help the people who are on the frontlines of dismantling systems that create oppression? And how do I bridge that with my own personal journey with mental health and healing?’” Cabello said.

Cabello launched the Healing Justice Project, a national nonprofit organization that “serves individuals who have experienced trauma and inequity in our justice system.”

The Healing Justice Project initially provided nearly $250,000 to go to 10 different organizations, which include: Black Leaders Organizing Communities, Faith For Justice, Freedom, Inc., Living United for Change in Arizona, Mass Liberation Arizona, MN350, Muslim Women For, QLatinx, Southerners on New Ground, and Student Advocacy Center of Michigan.

“What all the organizations have in common is that they are helping their communities, especially marginalized groups in their communities,” Cabello said. “They all also expressed a need for these mental wellness resources.”