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Celebrities are giving Texas Senator Ted Cruz a tongue lashing for his recent vacation to Cancun amid harsh conditions in Texas, according to Fox News.

Cruz said that he had been dealing with the loss of power for two days before deciding to travel with his family to a warmer climate.

Cruz said he thought twice when he boarded the plane to Mexico.

“I think @SenTedCruz is desperately trying to rebrand from the ‘inspired a deadly insurrection”‘ motherf–ker to the ‘left my constituents to freeze to death so I could go to Cancun’ motherf–ker, but luckily he can be both. He’s just that big a motherf–ker,” actor Seth Rogen tweeted.

“The fact that @tedcruz is flying to Cancun for a vacation, while his constituents in #Texas are literally freezing to death, is legit horrifying and enraging. But not surprising. TX, y’all deserve better. Vote this f–ker out. You deserve a Senator who cares about your lives,” Sophia Bush wrote on Twitter.

“Totally bipartisan tweet: F–k Ted Cruz,” Kristen Johnston said.

“How ugly does a motherf–ker have to be before the good people of Texas stop sending him to do their business? @SenTedCruz,” wrote Ron Perlman.

Comedian Chelsea Handler said, “If you’re wondering how far Ted Cruz will go to prove he’s an a–hole, it’s 1,800 miles.”

“Millions of his constituents are without power and water in freezing temps and @tedcruz is *literally* hopping a plane to spring break in Cancun. You can’t make this s–t up,” Padma Lakshmi said.

“So in TITANTIC, when Rose didn’t share that piece of wood she was floating on, and took a nap while Jack froze to death…Is that pulling a Cruz? #thatssocruz,” Wanda Sykes wrote.

George Takei said Cruz proved “that he can do something no compassionate or effective leader would ever do, and the GOP base in Texas will still vote for him because you gotta own the libs.”

“Dear #Texas When you come out of this horrific time- and you will because you are the great people of a great state- remember this coward. You deserve better. #TexasFreeze #CancunCruz,” Farrow wrote.

Rosanna Arquette said Cruz is “not fit to serve the American people in any way shape or form” and also referred to him as a “disgrace.”

“Heidi and me, we lost power for two days,” Cruz said. “Our house was dark. We had no heat. We were all huddled around the fireplace because it was the only heat in the house, and after a couple of days [of] the girls being really cold and [temperatures] being in the teens or the 20s outside, our girls said ‘Look, school has been canceled for the week. Can we take a trip and go somewhere warm?’ And Heidi and I, as parents, we said ‘OK, sure.’

“And so last night I flew down with them to the beach and then I flew back this afternoon,” Cruz continued.

“But as I was heading down there, you know, I started to have second thoughts almost immediately because the crisis here in Texas, you need to be here on the ground.”

“As much as you can do by phone and Zoom, it’s not the same as being here. And so, I returned this afternoon and I’m here working to make sure that we do everything we can to get the power turned on.”