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China is closing all educational facilities like schools and universities in Beijing as a growing coronavirus outbreak has infected over 100 people, according to Fox News.

The state-run news outlet, The People’s Daily newspaper reported that as of Wednesday, June 17, all schools will be closed.

The majority of the cases have been linked to Beijing’s Xinfadi wholesale food market, which employs roughly 9,000 people.

People lined up for testing of anyone who had visited the market within the past 2 weeks.

“Beijing has entered an extraordinary period,” city spokesman Xu Hejia told reporters over the weekend.

After at least 50 people tested positive for the virus, the Xinfadi market was forced to shut down.

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It is unclear when they will be able to reopen. In the meantime, schools are being advised to restore their online learning programs and college students will be turned away from returning to campuses, Bloomberg is reporting, citing a government briefing aired on China Central Television.

Before the current spate of infections, the city had not had any new COVID-19 cases in 55 days.

Beijing also has locked down 11 residential communities near the market.