Anti-Trump Billboard Backfires Big Time With Indecipherable Message

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A massive billboard in New Hampshire littered with anti-Trump sentiments is making splashes on the internet, but probably not for why its creators intended.

Twitchy reports the Lincoln Project, who describes their mission as to “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box,” erected the ad as President Trump was holding a campaign rally in the state.

Here’s more:

Man, you’d think if The Lincoln Project went to the trouble of leasing a billboard space facing Trump’s New Hampshire rally they’d have at least tried to make it legible. This thing is a mess …

On that note, how hard do you think Trump laughed when he saw it?

Take a look:

It’s really something.

Several people online said the indecipherable message actually backfired against those trying to damage the president—showing their own ineptness in the process.

Some other people called it “a waste of money” and a “really ineffective design.”

Check it out: