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Shortly after executives from both Facebook and Twitter joined Biden’s transition team, the big tech companies are being heavily scrutinized for allegedly censoring publishing that criticizes Democrats, according to the Western Journal.

Following the New York Post’s bombshell report on findings uncovered in Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop, both Facebook and Twitter began to censor the story and even suspended Trump’s Twitter account.

Additionally, White House Press Secretary was suspended from Twitter, for “violating our rules against distribution of hacked material.”

From The Western Journal:

The executives include Twitter public policy director Carlos Monje, whose role with the Biden team has not been specified — but Monje previously worked for both Hillary Clinton’s transition team and for President Barack Obama before transitioning to Twitter, Politico reported in September. Now he’s back to working directly for Democrats.

It’s particularly worrisome that the official Twitter account of President Trump’s re-election campaign was locked out. With less than three weeks left until the election, locking one party’s official campaign account looks a bit like election interference.

At the very least, the shared staff between Twitter, Facebook and Biden’s team raises serious questions about the biases held by Big Tech platforms — biases that always seem to cut in favor of Democrats and against Republicans.