CNN Makes Major Announcement – It Doesn’t End Well For Them

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Struggling with historically low ratings, CNN announced the creation of a new show called “CNN News Central.”

However, the plan is already backfiring. Attempts to market the new show were met with mockery across social media.

In February, CNN saw its lowest-rated month in a decade.

Here were the responses from Twitter users:

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Of “CNN News Central,” the network said the show will “serve as the core hub of the network’s best-in-class newsgathering operation during the day, bringing stories to viewers in real time, while offering perspective and context to key issues.”

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The news release said, “Modeled after CNN’s special election programming, ‘CNN News Central’ uses similar technology and storytelling tools and applies them to news well beyond politics.”

The news release concluded, “The immersive approach will showcase what CNN does best — breaking news, visual storytelling, and factual, impactful reporting.”