Top Biden Official Abruptly Resigns

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As polls plummet for President Joe Biden, the first-ever National Cyber Director for the U.S. has abruptly resigned.

Biden appointee Chris Inglis is calling it quits after a short time in office. “Today I am stepping down from my role as the Nation’s inaugural National Cyber Director,” Inglis announced on social media.

Politico speculated that Inglis moved up his departure timeline with his abrupt announcement.

The disaster continues to unfold within the administration as numerous politicians and advisors distance themselves from the scandal-plagued Biden family.

Famed historian and author Craig Shirley recently said he ranked Biden “among our five worst presidents in American history.”

“He’s actually going to become the worst president in American history,” Shirley admitted.

In his resignation, Inglis said, “I do so with the utmost gratitude to @POTUS, @VP, and Congress for giving me the opportunity to serve in this Administration.”

“Mr. President, thank you for placing your trust in me and for placing such a high priority on providing a safe, equitable, and resilient cyberspace for all,” Inglis said.

A new Associated Press/NORC poll found that only 37% of voters would like to see President Joe Biden run again for a second term in 2024.

Biden, who is the oldest president in U.S. history at age 80, has been widely criticized for not being physically and mentally fit for the job.

Ross Truckey, a 35-year-old lawyer and voter from Michigan, said, “His age and possibly his mental acuity are not where I would want the leader of the country to be.”

He continued, “He, at times, appears to be an old man who is past his prime. Sometimes I feel a little bit of pity for the guy being pushed out in front of crowds.”

Sarah Overman, 37, a Democrat in North Carolina, said, “I, honestly, think that he would be too old. We could use someone younger in the office.”

According to a CNBC All-America Economic Survey, a majority of those surveyed did not want Biden to run again in 2024.

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CNBC reported that “The survey found 61% of the public think Trump should not seek the presidency, compared with 30% who believe he should. And 70% say Biden should not run for a second term with just 19% supporting a run.”

The report continued, “Substantial numbers in each politicians’ own party prefer their names not be on the ballot, including 37% of Republicans who don’t want Trump to run along with 61% of independents and 88% of Democrats.”

“For Biden, 57% of Democrats say he shouldn’t stand for office in 2024, along with 66% of independents and 86% of Republicans.” A NBC poll also found that a staggering 71% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track.

NBC host Chuck Todd said, “Asked to describe where America is headed in the next year, more than two-thirds use negative words and phrases: ‘downhill,’ ‘wrong track,’ ‘disaster,’ ‘hard times,’ and ‘uncertainty.’”

Even worse, the poll showed that only 34% of Americans believe Biden is “honest and trustworthy” and only 32% believe he has “the ability to handle a crisis.”

Biden’s lowest marks were related to his competence and health. Only 31% of American believe Biden is competent and effective as president while 28% said he has the necessary mental and physical health to be president.

23% of poll respondents said he’s uniting the country.