Don Lemon Gets Bad News About His Sinking CNN Mornings Show

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Things keep getting worse for CNN host Don Lemon who was demoted last fall as the network canceled his primetime show.

Lemon was moved to mornings where he shares the limelight with co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins. This gives Lemon less time to promote his radical left-wing views on national television.

Lemon received bad news as his CNN morning show has become the lowest-rated show in nearly a decade, according to Fox News’ outlet Outkick.

The ratings are worse than any CNN morning program since June 2013, according to The Wrap.

Lemon’s “CNN This Morning” was launched on November 1, 2022 and it has “drawn in the lowest viewership among adults 25-54, the key demographic for cable news, and the second-lowest total viewership among each iteration of the network’s morning programming since ‘New Day’ was launched in June 2013. according to Nielsen data.”

Lemon has specifically reduced total viewership of 16.2%.

Viewership decreased by 21% with the show’s first three months on-air.

“CNN This Morning” receives fewer than 400,000 viewers a day.

Making matters worse, Lemon reportedly berated his co-hosts and gets into hostile arguments.

He is accused of distressing his staffers and tanking the ratings.

CNN continues to struggle significantly to attract viewership compared to other cable outlets like Fox News.