‘DISTRACTION’: High School Bans ‘Political’ Items, Including BLM, Pride Flags

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A Boston suburb public high school will not hang any political items in the classroom. This includes items like pro-police thin blue line flags, gay pride flags, and BLM flags.

In an email to staff, Stoughton High Principal Julliette Miller said, “We need to avoid placing items in the classroom that can cause disruption or distraction. We are an inclusive environment and want to maintain that inclusivity.”

At least one faculty member attempted to claim gay pride flags and BLM flags are not political. “Pride flags help LGBTQIA+ students feel safe and welcomed in school,” the faculty member said. “Taking down Pride flags could hurt students’ well-being and make them feel like they have nowhere to run.”

“Having a rainbow or BLM flag in our rooms isn’t pushing your beliefs on someone or displaying any political views. It is just saying, ‘Hey, you’re welcome here, and we support you,’” the faculty member continued.

The same faculty member said the staff was told not to “say the words DEI: Diversity, Equity Inclusion” because it is “politically charged.”

Superintendent Thomas Raab said he wants the staff to be aware of the sensitive nature of the words DEI: Diversity, Equity Inclusion.”

Raab added that he is “committed to diversity, equity and inclusion” and wants all students at the district “to know that they are supported and welcomed in school.”

“Over the last couple of years, teachers have been asked to remove potentially controversial items from their classrooms. This is part of a consistent effort by the district to limit potential disruptions to students’ learning so that our students and faculty can focus on educational lessons inside the classroom,” Raab said in an email.

Principal Miller told the staff that they would be given LGBTQIA+ ally stickers for doorways of all classrooms.

More on this story via Fox News:

Raab told Fox News Digital Tuesday that the ally stickers had been placed “at the entrances to our high school classrooms” as of Tuesday and the stickers will also be added to the district’s middle school classrooms.

Raab did not immediately respond to a question inquiring why ally stickers do not fall under the same category of political items as pride flags.

“Lessons and conversations around complex topics are an important part of the education our students receive, and I believe they can and should be addressed within the structured framework of age-appropriate lessons,” Raab continued in his Tuesday statement.


Stoughton High joins a growing list of schools across the country that have made similar moves, including in Wisconsin last month.

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