73-Year-Old Texan Rescues Young Woman And Thrashes Armed Bandit

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A woman in Houston was walking to her vehicle parked outside a check cashing business when a man pointed a gun at her and asked for her keys. He then began to choke her.

At that time, 73-year-old Simon Mancilla Sr. rolled up in his truck and said, “Hey man … don’t make a problem.”


The suspect then grabbed Mancilla out of his truck and got inside. Mancilla threw open the door and tried to get the robber out of his truck. Mancilla fought back as the suspect hit him continually with his gun.

Two bystanders joined in to help Mancilla, and at this point, Mancilla’s eyes were filled with blood.

His grandson arrived and said his grandfather’s “eyes were filled with blood and couldn’t see anyone.”

Mancilla lost his truck to the suspect, but he saved the woman.

The truck was reported missing. It is a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 with license plate RKJ 3241.

More on this story:

The chances that Mancilla will get his truck back are not nearly as good as his chances were of being robbed and attacked in Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Houston.

Only 14% of carjackings since 2019 reportedly have resulted in an arrest.

Last year, there were 1,216 carjackings, up 10% from 2020 and up 20% from 2019.

The likelihood of becoming a victim of either a property crime or a violent crime is 1 in 23 and 1 in 78 respectively.

Sr. Officer Jeff Brieden with the HPD’s Robbery Division told KHOU 11 that the upwards trend of violent crimes in the city is “a disturbing trend and it bothers all of us.”

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