Watters Asks 1 Simple Question Following Mar-a-Lago Raid: ‘How Do We Know They’re Not Planting Evidence Right Now?’

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Fox News anchor Jesse Watters is asking a simple question following the unprecedented FBI raid of President Donald Trump’s private home in Mar-a-Lago: “How do we know they’re not planting evidence right now?”

This action by the White House, FBI, and Department of Justice has undoubtedly caused many Americans to lose faith in the integrity of the federal government.

Multiple sources have reported that Biden’s FBI conducted the raid because Trump allegedly took home confidential materials to his private residence after his presidency. However, as president, Trump may have been the ultimate declassification authority.

Nonetheless, Biden’s FBI carried out the raid and grabbed documents and boxes without going through them on the property, sources say.

Watters responded, “I’ve never seen a base more energized and more angry. I’m angry, I feel violated, the whole country feels violated, it’s disgusting.”

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“They’ve declared war on us and now it’s game,” he continued. “Imagine you are Eric Trump and you are at Mar-a-Lago, that’s your home. Your mother just died a few weeks ago. It’s unbelievable. The Presidential Records Act, Greg? That’s like a librarian sending the armed agents into your house. The Presidential Records Act?”

“First of all we can’t even trust this warrant wasn’t corrupt,” he said. “I mean, they cooked up a fake warrant last time when they spied on the Trump campaign.”

“They doctored evidence, they forged documents to get it. How do we know they’re not planting evidence right now?” Watters asked.

“You can’t trust this judge, they said ‘oh a judge must have signed off on it.’ The judge is an Obama donor. The judge defended Jeffrey Epstein’s team, you can’t trust this guy,” Watters said.


Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart donated thousands to former President Barack Obama. During his time in private practice, Reinhart also defended numerous Epstein-linked personnel, including his pilots and assistants.

“So they go in, they’ll probably do a fishing expedition,” Watters said. “God knows what they’re going to find or plant or fake.”

“But it’s also trying to freeze the Trump base, you know ‘are you gonna vote for this guy? You know he could be indicted soon,’ it’s telling the Republican donors ‘hey, don’t donate to this guy,’ Republican corporate guys, ‘don’t donate to this guy, he’s toxic, you don’t want to go near him,’ that’s what’s going on. It’s intimidation, it’s bullying.”

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