WATCH: ‘Terminal List’ Author, Ex-SEAL Carr Puts On Clinic At Gun Range

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Former Navy SEAL Jack Carr, author of “The Terminal List,” is showing off his excellent handling of a firearm in a new video.

The novelist is captured as a tough guy moving effortlessly through a gun range. It quickly went viral.

Carr can be seen switching out firearms and not missing a target.

“Had to stop by TaranTactical on Book Tour to run the course before my event at the Reagan Library,” Carr tweeted.

“I went right from the range to the stage with seconds to spare. Great day,” he said.

During Carr’s twenty years in the Navy, he went from SEAL sniper to a junior officer.

After leading teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, he commanded a Special Operations Task Unit in Iraq.

More on this story via DailyWire:

Since leaving the military, he has authored five novels, including “The Terminal List,” which was a wildly successful series on Amazon Prime last month and starred Chris Pratt in the role of Reece.

Liberal critics panned “The Terminal List,” with one calling it an “unhinged Right-wing revenge fantasy.” But fans loved it, giving it a 95% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Shocked at the harsh reviews from critics,” one viewer wrote on Rotten Tomatoes. “This series was highly enjoyable. Full of twists and suspense and Chris Pratt was great.”

“Chris Pratt is excellent, this is really a different character for him and he plays it so well!” another viewer wrote. “I don’t get why the critics don’t rate this highly, is it because he’s conservative and/or Christian? Their rating is a complete mystery to me because this, to me, is better than the Jack Reacher series, and I LOVED that one too!”

Carr dismissed the critics.

“We did not make THE TERMINAL LIST for film critics,” Carr scoffed in a tweet. “We made it for those in the arena. Enjoy the ride!”

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