‘Worst in 22 Years’: CNN Suffers New Ratings Low As Americans Look For Different News Source

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CNN is officially seeing its smallest audience in 22 years for the key demographic that advertisers look for when spending.

Many Americans have said the blatant bias and anti-Trump rhetoric deployed by the left-wing network is causing them to look for other news sources.

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According to reports, CNN averaged just 56,000 viewers between ages 25-54 on June 17. This tiny turnout hasn’t occurred since July 10, 2000.

To provide perspective, Fox News averaged 1.4 million total viewers and 209,000 in the critical demographic. This is the biggest lead by Fox News over CNN since 2015.

Incoming CEO Chris Licht of CNN signaled that he is making major waves against blatant bias, anti-Trump personalities like Stelter.

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Licht is demanding that the liberal network become less partisan and stir away from the angry years seen during the presidency of Donald Trump.

If both on-air personalities and their programming doesn’t comply, they could be fired. Three sources familiar with the matter confirmed to Axios that on-air talent needs to adjust to a less partisan tone and strategy. If not, they could be ousted.

Licht reportedly wants to feature more personalities that are less polarizing. This approach is much different than former CNN president Jeff Zucker.

Zucker was accused of programming that engaged in disrespectful interviews and “PR stunts.” Under Zucker, producers and bookers focused less on nuance and mostly on noise.

More on this story via Fox News:

The dismal turnout capped a miserable three-day stretch for CNN, as the Warner Bros. Discovery network averaged only 88,000 demo viewers June 15-17 for its worst three-weekday performance since June 2014.

Things weren’t much better for CNN on Sunday when “Reliable Sources” with left-wing host Brian Stelter averaged only 421,000 total viewers and a mere 56,000 among the demo. It was the smallest audience for “Reliable Sources” since December 27, 2015, among total viewers and the smallest since Dec. 29, 2013, among the demo.

Stelter’s program was crushed by its timeslot competition on Fox News Channel, as “MediaBuzz” averaged 1.2 million viewers and 176,000 from the range of adults age 25-54 to outdraw CNN by 185% among total viewers and 214% among the demo at 11 a.m. ET.

Reruns of “Family Matters, “Roseanne, “The Office,” “Shark Tank” and “Family Guy” all outdrew Stelter’s program among the 25-54 demo, as did children’s programming such as “Peppa Pig” and “Spongebob SquarePants.” Over 5,000 cable telecasts topped “Reliable Sources” in the demo last week.

CNN’s viewership issues come as recently appointed CNN chairman and CEO Chris Licht is assessing who should stick around, and who should be shown the door, as he is “determined to tamp down spectacle” and restore the network’s once-proud reputation.

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