Democrat Voter Fraud: Ethics Committee Unanimously Votes to Investigate Charges

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Democrat state senator Omar Fateh, who is the first Somali American and Muslim to serve in the Minnesota Senate, is facing an investigation after the state’s Ethics Committee unanimously voted against him.

Fateh is accused of being involved in a voter fraud scheme.

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According to the charges against him, Fateh is accused of attempting to secure taxpayer funding for a nonprofit that helped his campaign.

As part of the investigation, the subcommittee can issue subpoenas and bring in witnesses to share what they know.

Fateh is a member of the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party and he represents District 62 in Minnesota, which includes parts of south Minneapolis.

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Recently, Fateh’s brother-in-law was found guilty of lying to a grand jury about his conduct in fraudulently trafficking three absentee ballots during the 2020 election.

Coincidentally, Fateh also hired his brother-in-law, whose name is Muse Mohamud Mohamed, as one of his campaign operatives. Mohamed even lived at an address registered to Fateh’s wife during the voter fraud activity.

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The initial ethics complaint filed against the senator accuses him of “failing to expressly address his involvement in the unauthorized delivery of 2020 primary election absentee ballots and retaining his Senate staffer who reportedly directed the fraudulent election activity.”

That staffer, Dawson Kimyon, was an aide to Sen. Fateh until recently and will be subpoenaed by the committee.

“Further interviews with Dawson Kimyon under oath will allow for a clear understanding of his involvement with Mohamed, whether it was done at the direction or with the knowledge of Sen. Fateh, and at what point Sen. Fateh became aware of these improper and illegal election practices,” a group of Republican legislators who filed the ethics complaint said in a statement.

The committee is also seeking the transcripts of the grand jury proceedings from Mohamed’s trial.

Fateh’s attorney, however, maintains he “had no indication that something was amiss, potentially, on his campaign,” speaking on his brother-in-law’s recent conviction. Fateh said he was “shocked” to learn of the fraud that occurred.

His attorney also noted that Mohamed was convicted of perjury, not fraud, and that neither Fateh nor Kimyon have been charged with any wrongdoing.

But investigating Fateh isn’t simply a Republican effort. Sen. Bobby Joe Champion is a Democrat on the ethics subcommittee who suggested that Fateh wasn’t actually “shocked.”

“If I’m shocked, then my shock leads to action. I do something,” he pointed out. “If you have something that’s hanging out there that is casting a shadow over your value system, your work, then I would think that you might want to do something in order to figure out what is right or wrong.”

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