‘Targeted Home Invasion’: Homeowner Armed with Handgun Shoots and Kills Two Teenagers During Attack

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Local news outlet WTIC-TV of Connecticut reported that a resident fatally shot a pair of male teenagers.

The two unnamed teens, ages 15 and 16, allegedly forced their way into the home and physically assaulted the resident.

The horrific incident occurred just after midnight early Thursday morning. The handgun used in the shooting is registered to the resident.

The resident suffered minor injuries and is cooperating with police.

Police officer Marc Caruso said the gun was the “the only weapon recovered on scene” and the incident appears to be a “targeted home invasion.”

The investigation is still ongoing as police are reviewing what could have possibly led to it.

“It appears as though the homeowner had no knowledge of his attackers,” Caruso said. “We’re looking into several possibilities. The detectives are tracking down leads at this time.”

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Kenneth Gray โ€” a senior lecturer at the University of New Haven and a former FBI agent โ€” told WTIC that Connecticut does not have a “stand your ground” law, which means the victim of a threat must first try to get away before using deadly force.

“You are justified in using self-defense to include a firearm if you fear for your life or the life of a third person, but it’s not totally unrestricted,” Gray added to the station. “By that I mean if the person is threatening you, you can use deadly force. But if you have other options โ€” for instance, if you can run away โ€” you have to run away.”

Caruso added to WTIC that police are characterizing the shooting “as a home invasion type incident where two males came into the home. And it appears to be a case of self-defense at this time, where the homeowner was a legal owner of the firearm.”

Hartford Public Schools released a statement regarding the teens’ deaths, WTIC said:

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, we were informed of the deaths of two former Hartford Public School students. This is an unfortunate and tragic incident, and we are deeply saddened by the loss of members of our Hartford Public Schools community. We are prepared to provide proper support and resources for students and staff affected by this tragedy. Our thoughts are with our former studentsโ€™ families, friends, and loved ones during this difficult time.

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