Trump Vows Liz Cheney Will Lose Her Seat in Congress

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President Donald Trump vows that U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who is the daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney, will lose her re-election bid in the state.

Cheney notoriously turned on her fellow Republicans and voted to impeach Trump over the events of January 6 at the Capitol. She argued that Republicans are “shameful” for denying Trump’s alleged responsibility for the riot.

Cheney has sided with Democrats on other key issues and supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anti-Trump, political witch hunt investigation into the event of January 6.

Trump said, “Same thing’s going to happen in Wyoming to Virginia’ resident’ Liz Cheney, that happened in South Carolina to Congressman’ Impeach Master’ Tom Rice, who lost as an incumbent by 28 points!”

South Carolina Republican Rep. Tom Rice was recently ousted from Congress after he also voted to impeach Trump.

Five-term congressman Tom Rice was defeated by Trump-endorsed Rep. Russell Fry. Similar to Rice, Cheney is among 10 House Republicans who joined the Democrat effort to impeach Trump.

It’s widely speculated that Cheney could be defeated at the hands of Republican challenger Harriet Hageman in the upcoming August 16 primary election.

Cheney recently received very bad news as polls indicate she’s trailing by double digits.

Cheney only has only 28 percent support, according to a poll from Fabrizio, Lee & Associates.

In comparison, hageman has twice as much support at 56 percent.

Fabrizio reported, “Not only is Cheney getting creamed in the ballot, but Wyoming RPV are clear that there is no room for her to get back into this race.”

“A huge 71 percent majority say they will vote against her, including 66 percent who will definitely vote against Cheney no matter who she runs against. With only 26 percent saying they will definitely or probably vote for Cheney, she has hit her ceiling on the ballot,” the group added.

The poll was taken June 1 and June 2 and has a +/- 4.9 percent margin of error.

More on this story via IJR and Western Journal:

The trend held true in terms of each woman’s favorability. Cheney was at 26 percent; Hageman at 58 percent.

The poll found that 62 percent of those surveyed strongly disapprove of Cheney’s action in Congress, where she is serving as vice chair of the panel formed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to draw conclusions about the incursion.

“Harriet Hageman is now the overwhelming favorite to remove Liz Cheney from Congress and give Wyomingites a real conservative voice in Congress who will represent them and their interests,” the poll concluded.

The poll noted that since December, Hageman has made an impression on Wyoming Republicans and that her measure of support increased from 34 percent in December to the current 56 percent.

Cheney has been very vocal in condemning former President Donald Trump over the incursion. Trump has likewise been forceful in supporting Hageman as a way to oust Cheney.

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