‘These Royal Kardashians Are Done’: Piers Morgan Says to Stick a Fork in Meghan and Harry

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A scathing opinion piece by Piers Morgan criticizes British royal family members Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

While living in an $11 million mansion in California, Piers says that Harry and Meghan “have become the royal Kardashians, only a slightly trashier version if that was even possible.”

“A pair of shameless chancers whose only thought each day is how to fleece and exploit their royal titles ever more cynically, while simultaneously trashing the royal family and monarchy to which they owe their status,” he continues.

“Like the Kardashians, there’s nothing these two won’t flog, however personal, no depth of self-privacy invasion they won’t stoop to for financial gain,” Piers wrote.

Piers says they are guilty of “breathtaking” hypocrisy, such as preaching “sustainable eco-travel” for everyone else while they “use private jets like we use taxis.”

Harry and Meghan have attempted to partner on projects with both Netflix and Spotify, but they are “so simperingly bad” and “vomit-inducing” that these business efforts were a complete failure.

He concludes by saying the “world is fast waking up to the cold, hard reality that they have nothing to say.”

More from the NY Post:

After all, Meghan and Harry’s first, and — to date — only podcast for their other big paymasters, Spotify, at the end of 2020, was so simperingly bad, they haven’t done another one since.

Though we’re promised a new series this summer, titled “Archetypes,” in which Meghan will “speak to experts and historians about the origin of stereotypes that hold women back.”

Sorry, WHAT?

A woman who literally sank her grasping, ruthless claws into a British prince to enrich herself beyond her wildest dreams is going to be lecturing us on how awful it is that women get held back in life?

It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

As was her much-hyped children’s book, “The Bench,” about a father’s relationship with a son, which was a massive flop and got brutally savaged by critics.

Claire Allfree, writing for the UK’s Daily Telegraph, called it “semi-literate” and concluded: “One wonders how any publisher could have thought fit to publish this grammar-defying set of badly rhyming cod homilies, let alone think any child anywhere would want to read it. But that’s planet Sussex for you, where even the business of raising a family is all about the brand.”


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