BREAKING: 2 People Killed in ‘Beach Execution’ Drug Shooting, Vacationers Flee Cancun

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A disturbing report reveals that gunmen arrived at the beach by boat in Cancun, Mexico looking for specific individuals who they intended to kill.

“I’ve never been so scared, literally shaking,” Mike Sington said, who is a guest at the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun.

“I’m fine now, barricaded in my hotel room for the night, just trying to decompress,” he added.

Gunfire erupted on the beach that resulted in the killings of two suspected gang members.

Stunned tourists fled in nearby hotels for cover, Fox News reports.

Former Mexican Senator Claudia Anaya said the tourists’ experience at the resorts was similar to a “horror movie.”

Violence in Mexico is not confined to just the streets, but also the beaches and resorts are vulnerable.

Watch the clip:

The head prosecutor in the area explained, “About 15 people arrived on the beach to assassinate two men who had showed up saying they were the new dealers in the area.”

“Today, from a horror movie what tourists have experienced in an exclusive hotel in #Cancun,” she tweeted in Spanish. “Do you think tourists want to keep coming to share our tragedy?” Anaya said.

Authorities said no tourists were injured or kidnapped.

Evidence suggested what caused the conflict via Fox News:

The gunmen arrived at the beach by boat and sought out the individuals they intended to kill, Reuters reported, citing a senior state official. Another official told the news agency that the shootings seems to be the result of a targeted execution on the beach.

Evidence suggests that the shooting was the result of some kind of turf war. The two individuals killed had apparently arrived at the beach in front of the Azul Beach Resort and the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun earlier in the day, claiming it was now their territory.

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