Major Legal Action Just Taken Against Biden Admin by RNC for ‘Authoritarian Overreach’

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) is suing the Biden administration over its forced vaccine mandate.

In a statement from chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released, she called the mandate “authoritarian overreach.”

“Joe Biden failed to shut down the virus as he promised — he couldn’t do his job, so now he wants you to lose yours,” McDaniel said.

“This mandate is yet another attack on frontline workers, first responders, small businesses, and the rights of the American people,” she added.

“Additionally, by taking months to draft this order and shifting the deadline to after the holidays for political gain, Biden has completely undermined any emergency justification for this unlawful overreach,” McDaniel said.

“While I am pro-vaccine, the Biden administration does not have the authority to force hardworking Americans to choose between being vaccinated and providing for their families,” McDaniel said.

“That’s why the RNC is suing the Biden administration over this unlawful vaccine mandate and will maintain every legal option to fight this authoritarian overreach,” she said.

Biden announced that the Labor Department has issued a rule requiring COVID-19 vaccination for companies with 100 or more employees.

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McDaniel is not alone in the legal battle. South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem released a video to Twitter on Thursday telling Biden she will “see you in court.”

“This morning, the Biden Administration released their guidance through OSHA that affects over 100 million Americans,” Noem tweeted.

“I am announcing that today, we are joining a lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates.@JoeBiden, see you in court,” the governor added.

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“Today, the Labor Department issued its rule requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for companies with 100 or more employees and HHS released its rule to ensure that health care workers are vaccinated,” Biden said in Thursday’s announcement.