Foreign News Torches Biden After Bizarre Blunders: He ‘Needs a Retirement Home and a Warm Bowl of Soup’

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Joe Biden is being brutally mocked on the world stage.

On Sky News Australia, host Rita Panahi jokingly titled one of her segments, “What in God’s name is Joe Biden trying to say?”

She showed two videos of bizarre gaffes from Biden from last week alone.

“This man needs a retirement home and a warm bowl of soup, not access to the nuclear codes,” she said.

“When he’s not making a fool of himself misreading auto-cues, Biden is making utterly incomprehensible decisions that further weaken the U.S.”

Panahi argued that Biden’s inability to even speak clearly proves he’s extremely unqualified to confront issues facing America and the world.

During one speech about infrastructure, Biden said that a computer spoke to him.

Watch the clip:

“Of course, the Biden administration has completely lost control of the southern border with more than 200,000 illegal immigrants encountered crossing a month — and that’s the ones encountered,” Panahi said.

“The man is in need of a lie down, a pudding, time with his grandchildren. He has no business being in the White House,” she said.

During another speech in Virginia for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, Biden slurred his words so badly that it was indiscernible.

Watch the next clip:

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This video from Sky News Australia should be concerning to Americans for a couple of reasons.

First, Panahi raised some legitimate concerns about this president’s ability to lead the country.

Anyone who has been watching the news knows that Biden’s gaffes are both frequent and troubling. As America faces a mounting list of problems, it is fair to wonder whether Biden has the mental or physical capacity to address them.

Second, even if you do believe Biden is fit to be president, the fact is that optics also matter. When Biden continues to slur his words and say things that make absolutely no sense, it weakens America’s image.

The United States holds itself as the most powerful nation in the world, yet news outlets thousands of miles away are mocking its leader. That is not a recipe for success.