VIDEO: Pelosi Seen Shaking Hands, Hugging People in a Crowded Room Without Wearing a Mask

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Hypocritical Democrats continue to ignore their own mandatory mask mandates.

In the video below, Nancy Pelosi finishes her speech and turns to begin shaking hands.

She has more than enough time to put on a mask, but she doesn’t.

It appears that everyone around her is forced to wear a mask, except her.

Watch the clip:

From LifeZette:

From the moment the first case of COVID-19 was announced in the United States, the Democrats have used the virus, which they claim has the power to end life as we know it, to justify lockdowns, mask mandates, and now mandatory vaccines.

But while they continuously preach the importance of getting the vaccine and social distancing, several top Democrats have been caught numerous times breaking the same rules they put in place. Not only did House Democrats recently vote to not make it mandatory for migrants at the border to test negative for COVID-19 before being released, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught shaking hands with dozens of people inside.