Iranian Defector Stuns Everyone Amid the Olympic’s Ant-Semitism — Dedicates His Judo Medal To Israel

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Anti-Semitism is running wild on the Olympic world stage.

However, in a positive turn of events, an Iranian defector has dedicated his medal to Israel.

Saeid Mollaei won an Olympic silver medal in judo. He thanked Israel in Hebrew for his second-place finish in the men’s 81kg judo final.

Mollaei said he “dedicated his first-ever Olympic medal to Israel and thanked the country for the support they have given him after a nail-biting final.”

“The judo world champion, who trained in Israel with their national judo team in the months before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, thanked the country in Hebrew as he dedicated his first-ever Olympic medal to Israel.”

“‘Thank you to Israel for the good energy,” Mollaei reportedly told the Israeli Sports Channel after losing the final match to a Japanese athlete. “This medal is dedicated also to Israel.”

More from Daily Wire:

Mollaei now competes for Mongolia after defecting to Germany during the 2019 Judo World Championships. He left the Iranian team, despite being one of the team’s up-and-coming stars after Iran’s minister demanded that he withdraw from a judo match rather than spar with an Israeli athlete — something at least two competitors have done this Olympics alone.

The Israeli competitor he was ordered not to touch, Sag Muki, also competed in Tokyo but was eliminated early on after losing to a competitor from Austria. He had only praise for Mollaei, calling him his “close friend” and praising him for “achieving his dream.”

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