MSNBC Host Al Sharpton’s Shady White House Bid in 2004 Still Remains Deeply in Debt — Owes $925,000

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Rev. Al Sharpton’s 2004 presidential campaign remains in serious debt.

The failed campaign still owes nearly a million dollars, Fox News reports.

This is 17 years after Sharpton lost in the Democratic primary race.

Federal Election Commission records confirmed this information, showing Sharpton’s campaign initially owed $567,096.28 in 2004. This skyrocketed after the FEC reached a settlement agreement with Sharpton.

In 2009, the FEC press statement said, “Sharpton, his presidential campaign committee, Sharpton 2004, and Andrew Rivera, in his official capacity as treasurer, agreed to pay a civil penalty of $208,000 for failing to report accurately all receipts and expenditures, receiving excessive and prohibited in-kind contributions and accepting impermissible corporate contributions.”

More from Fox News:

In addition to the $208,000 penalty, the settlement agreement called for Sharpton’s campaign to reimburse the National Action Network $181,115 or pay the U.S. Treasury Department. Sharpton and the National Action Network, which he founded, also agreed to pay a $77,000 penalty “for making prohibited contributions to Sharpton 2004.”

A quarterly report filed by the campaign committee on Monday revealed that it has yet to pay the $208,000 penalty, the $181,115 reimbursement, or other debts, such as $145,146.60 to Kinko’s for fundraising letter preparation. In total, the FEC says the campaign committee owes $925,713.78, although the committee’s filing shows a total of $888,713.81…

Sharpton, who now hosts a show on MSNBC, told the New York Post in February 2020 that he wanted to make sure the debt is paid off… “I am willing to work out a settlement for all claims with my own money to the degree that I’m allowed and will raise money directly,” he said. “Even if I am not legally liable for it, I am certainly morally responsible.”

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