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8 protesters were arrested in Houston on June 21, as they were protesting outside the home of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, according to The Western Journal.

“The large majority of the group are extremely peaceful out there expressing the First Amendment rights [to] protest against climate change,” Assistant Police Chief Ban Tien stated.

“Unfortunately, there was a small group who [was] actually committing trespassing into private property in front of the senator’s residence.”

“Roughly eight individuals still refused to leave and we finally gave one final warning.”

“And those individuals still refused to leave. And we explained to them the fact that they were violating a trespassing law,” Tien stated.

“They acknowledged they understood and they chose to be arrested.”

“When the group arrived at Cruz’s residence, they had just completed 400 mile march from New Orleans to Houston to raise awareness for climate disasters such as hurricanes, pollutions, and the Texas freeze that hit early Spring.”

Steve Doocy stated that “States all across the country are sending people to your state because it’s a mess.”

Cruz stated, “It is, and it is a complete and total abdication by the federal government. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are quite simply not doing their job. They’re refusing to enforce the law.”

“And they’ve created an unmitigated crisis at the border.”

“A couple of months ago, I took 19 senators down to the border to see firsthand what was happening, and I’ve been to the border many times. It is worse than it has ever been.”

“We had just last month over 180,000 people cross illegally, last month.”

“We’re on pace for two million people to cross illegally, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have zero intention of doing anything.”

“That’s why they won’t go to the border.”

From The Western Journal:

Houston police arrested eight people on Monday as dozens of protesters gathered outside the home of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

Texas Tribune reporter Erin Douglas posted images from the protest on Twitter.

She noted the protesters were part of a climate change group called the Sunset Movement demanding that President Joe Biden “stop negotiations with the GOP and pass @AOC civilian climate corps plan.”

The protest took place after Cruz blasted Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday during an interview, claiming they “are quite simply not doing their jobs.”