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The McCloskey’s pleaded guilty to their charges and they agreed to pay fines totaling less than $3,000 in addition to handing over their firearms, but recently the viral couple boasted of their new and improved firearms, according to Fox News.

“Checking out my new AR!” Mark McCloskey tweeted.

“We’re strong advocates of the Second Amendment and we’re going to continue to exercise our rights and protect ourselves,” McCloskey stated.

“We intend to keep our arms and bear them. We’re a constitutional carry state. I will replace those (guns) which the state took.”

From Fox News:

The picture came just two days after the McCloskeys pleaded guilty to lesser charges and agreed to pay fines in connection with last summer’s incident involving Black Lives Matter rioters who tore down an iron gate and ignored a “No Trespassing” sign on their private street. The couple said they felt threatened and armed themselves before heading outside to warn off the crowd.

The guns that the couple used in the standoff were seized after their initial arrests in 2020 and will be destroyed. But the McCloskeys are not prohibited from purchasing new firearms.

McCloskey said he has received “hundreds” of positive comments from the Twitter post. He expects his new rifle will be ready for him on Thursday.