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Jimmy Kimmel tried to roast Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, according to Town Hall.

“In America’s North Korea, the Sunshine State, from time to time, we enjoy taking a look at what’s going on, and tonight we are doing it again in a Gov. DeSantis edition of ‘This Week in Florida.'”

“I’m not a historian, but do countries usually have an assistant dictator?” Kimmel said.

“I guess he was looking for a healthier work environment after Trump.”

From Town Hall:

During Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” host Jimmy Kimmel referred to the state of Florida as “America’s North Korea,” Cortney O’Brien with Fox News highlighted.

No, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) did not cut off his state from the rest of the country and the world overnight. The successful and popular sitting governor, who is the left’s favorite target, earned Kimmel’s ire because of the wacky but fun idea of the 2021 Python Challenge.

People who know a lot more about world affairs took to Twitter to call Kimmel out.

Kimmel seems to have had a particularly unhealthy obsession with the dictatorship, as Peter Weber with The Week noted that the late-night host also suggested former Vice President Mike Pence serve as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s assistant director.

Kimmel may be too ignorant to know better, but North Korea is no laughing matter. The nation is isolated from the rest of the world, with residents living under a cult of personality centered around Kim Jong Un. Many citizens become political prisoners and are subject to concentration camps.

Human Rights Watch notes that “North Korea remains among the world’s most repressive countries.”

The human rights violations in North Korea are so severe that even the United Nations has acknowledged the regime has committed “crimes against humanity.”

Our own citizens are being subjected to mistreatment, torture, and murder as well. In 2017, Otto Warmbier was sent home to the United States after being detained in North Korea for over a year after allegedly stealing a propaganda poster, though he was in a coma and died shortly after coming home.

Then again, Kimmel’s definition of what’s funny includes finding it acceptable to appear in blackface, on multiple occasions.