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On Wednesday, Joe Biden gave his first presidential address to Congress.

During his speech, he claimed he “traveled over 17,000 miles” with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This isn’t the first time Biden has made this unverified claim, as reported by The Washington Post.

After Biden’s statement during the address, several left-wing fact-checkers had no choice but to call out Biden for the misleading remark.

More from The Western Journal:

CNN reporter Daniel Dale was quick to point out the president’s inaccurate statement, tweeting, “Biden’s ‘I traveled over 17,000 miles with’ Xi Jinping claim is extremely inaccurate, as WaPo has shown. He’s spent a lot of time with Xi, but that ‘miles’ number is very false.”

Also, it appears that the president ad-libbed this dubious boast.

The claim does not appear in the pre-released White House transcript of the address.

Multiple left-leaning organizations have already fact-checked this claim from Biden, rating it false.

For example, a Feb. 23 article from CNN claimed that Biden “has not traveled anywhere close to 17,000 miles ‘with’ Xi.”

Additionally, The Post noted while there’s “certainly an impressive amount of face time” that Biden has spent with Xi, his “mileage number has kept us puzzling till our puzzler was sore.”

Despite Biden getting called out about this claim in the past, he continues to push it.

Some have speculated that perhaps Biden is referencing “the total travel back and forth” for meetings he has had with Xi.

But they clarified that “traveling with” is not a true statement.

The Post provided the following information:

“We found a clue about what Biden was trying to say when we searched as many transcript archives as we could and found a statement Biden made at a Hillary Clinton campaign event on Nov. 4, 2016: ‘Because the former president of China and President Obama seven years ago thought we should get to know one another, I traveled 17,000 miles through his country and our country over nine days.’”

During his address Biden also pushed for free schooling beyond grade 12.

Biden stated that “12 years is no longer enough” for Americans to compete with the rest of the world in the 21st century.

More via The Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden laid out a vision for expanded schooling in the United States through his newly proposed American Families Plan, declaring during the State of the Union speech Wednesday evening that all Americans should have access to four more years of free public education in addition to the universal schooling for K-12 students.

Under the American Families plan, American families would have access to free and universal pre-K for three- and four-year-olds, while American adults and “DREAMers” would have access to two years of tuition-free community college education.