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It seems that Black Lives Matter most after they’ve been killed by a police officer, according to The Western Journal.

Jaslyn Adams, a 7-year-old black girl was murdered in a Chicago McDonald’s Drive-thru on April 18.

Two gunmen opened fire on her father’s vehicle firing at least 45 rounds hitting Jaslyn several times.

Black Lives matter has been completely silent.

From The Western Journal:

That explains why her name isn’t being plastered on the chyrons of news networks and being repeated by Democrats everywhere.

Opportunist attorney Benjamin Crump has not offered any public remarks about how Jaslyn was unarmed when she was murdered. Race hustler Al Sharpton is silent on her death. Jaslyn’s death will elicit no fires, no looting and no soliloquies from CNN hosts.

That’s because Jaslyn is one of the latest victims of the tragic plague that is urban black-on-black crime and intra-communal violence. Without a white cop, a non-black mass shooter or a system of alleged white imperial oppression to blame her death on, Jaslyn is not an opportunity for political capital.

The Sun-Times reported that a large crowd held a vigil for Jaslyn shortly after she was killed. But her murder didn’t fit the leftist activists’ preferred narrative, so while it is tragic, it’s equally as inconvenient for those who might have cashed in on death had only a cop or cops fired those rounds.

She will sadly soon be forgotten completely by those who won’t didn’t know her personally.

We live in an era where the left’s identity politics now touch everything — especially black killings. In an instance that should shock absolutely no one, the murder of a black child is being completely ignored by a group whose sole mission is in its name.