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Joe Biden’s behavior is becoming that of mundane anticipated actions, according to The Western Journal.

At Least Trump could formulate complete sentences in public.

Trump also seemed coherent with what was going on.

Trump was at least fairly capable of conducting himself in a manner that is typical for a regular adult human being.

Especially in a manner relating to respecting the personal space of other humans most of the time.

However, Biden seems to struggle to do any and all of these things and is now the leader of the free world.

You would still think that Biden is capable of holding a normal conversation.

Joe Biden told a woman to social distance while maintaining inches of space between himself and her.

Biden addressed a woman in what appeared to be a church regarding the importance of mask-wearing, hand washing, and social distancing.

Biden told the lady to “keep wearing a mask,” as he pointed at his own.

Biden then stepped right in a popper her “personal bubble.”

Biden stated that one ought to “wash the hands and socially distance.”

Then immediately admitted “I’m not doing,” as he reeled it right on back into his own six feet of personal safety space.

People are unsure if it was just some joke.

Biden is often chomping at the bit to give urgent warnings of the ongoing, deadly pandemic, even bulldozing right over the Lord Jesus Christ in his Easter address.

Biden is quick to push the covid-19 vaccinations on the American People.

More from The Western Journal:

Yet he is either so callous or so clueless as to lean down into a woman’s face right on camera surrounded by dozens of people as he’s about to tell her to socially distance.

How can we not be expected to hold his behavior to the same meticulous standard that the establishment media held Trump’s every inflammatory move, at best?

None of this is OK.