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Trump supporters no longer totally trust Fox News, according to a poll, reported The Blaze.

A new survey states that only 34% of Trump voters named Fox News as their “most trusted source of news.”

David Paleologos said, “At the time of our October 2016 poll, OANN and Newsmax were barely 2 years old, so they were not offered as options.”

“However, we do not believe that in 2016 they would have been trusted the most by a statistically significant portion of respondents.”

In a Hill-HarrisX poll from earlier this month, 64% of Republicans said they would quit the GOP to follow Trump if he started a third party.

Paleologos said the switch from longtime cable news powerhouse Fox News to these burgeoning alternatives is a “seismic shift in the landscape of trusted news sources for conservatives.” He added that despite the falling numbers, Fox News is still the “most trusted news network/media source among previously identified Trump voters.”