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New information has divulged regarding gang rape on religious minorities in Chinese concentration camps in Xinjiang, according to The Daily Wire.

Qelbinur Sidik had been assigned to investigate rapes and torture taking place inside the facility. Sidik’s source shared information regarding male guards bragging to one another while they were drinking about how they would rape and torture girls.

Sidik was forced to teach at the camp in Xinjiang.

Sidik claims that her first encounter with detainees, she recalls it being about 100 men and women that were chained in shackles around their wrists and ankles.

It is estimated that 2 million religious minorities are currently being detained.

Sidik said that she witnessed “horrific traged[ies]” while working at the camp where women were constantly “crying loudly.”

Tursunay Ziyawudun, another witness, claims that she committed no crime when she was sent to the camps.

Ziyawudun spent a month in the camp before being released only to be arrested again shortly after.

Ziyawudun is now in the U.S. and has shared that large crowds of women were often crammed into small spaces and were allowed short time for basic facilities such as toilets. Ziyawudun said that they were brutally punished if they took too long.

“They were extremely sadistic, causing pain and damage to the body by beating and smacking my head on the wall,” Ziyawudun said, “It was their way of punishing us.”

Ziyawudun said she was beaten so brutally that she passed out.

Ziyawudun shared a sensitive story where one of the guards “inserted a stun baton” inside her and “twisted and shocked” her until she “blacked out” from the pain.

Ziyawudun said in the weeks that followed there were multiple occurrences where several men would gang-rape her.

From The Daily Wire:

Numerous other reports have surfaced making similar allegations about what is taking place in China’s concentration camps.

Xu Guixiang, a spokesperson for the Communist Party publicity department in Xinjiang, said earlier this month that religious minorities were not being rounded up in Xinjiang and claimed without evidence that China was only cracking down on “heinous and obstinate leaders and backbones of extremist groups.”

In a statement to CNN, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not address the allegations by the several women who spoke to CNN, but suggested that their accounts were false.