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Six people are missing in Alaska after insane rainfall that caused landslides, according to The Daily Caller.

The Alaskan Coast Guard, Search-and-rescue teams, and commercial fishermen are making efforts to find the six individuals.

Many homes have been destroyed due to the landslides.

Due to more intense rainfall, the search has been delayed.

More from Daily Caller:

The search was suspended Wednesday evening due to heavy rains that made the soil unstable, Haines Borough Mayor Douglas Olerud told the Associated Press. Those missing were in the Beach Road area, where a roughly 600 foot wide landslide went down, Olerud added.

National Weather Service meteorologist Gregg Spann said that more than 9 inches of rain fell on the Haines airport over 36 hours, NBC reported, with a flash flood warning issued for Thursday morning.

Haines Borough Government also warned of unstable ground conditions with the continued rainfall, with a high possibility of additional debris flow and landslides into Thursday. The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities said on Facebook that its contractors and other resources were working to clear roads of water and debris to allow safe travel to resume in the area.

Residents also participated in the effort to mitigate the damage with their own shovels and other equipment they had at home.

Olerud told USA Today that the landslides caused “a few million dollars” in damage to roads and infrastructure, and that it was the “largest national disaster” that he has seen in Haines.