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China is allegedly using military personnel for testing of bio-enhancement to make super soldiers, according to The Daily Caller.

John Ratcliffe stated that China is America’s “greatest threat.”

Ratcliffe claims that China is stealing U.S. technology to strengthen its military.

“There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power.”

“Although CRISPR has numerous exciting, clearly beneficial applications, particularly in medicine and agriculture, other aspects of Chinese research in CRISPR raise ethical or security concerns.”

“Modern biotechnology and its integration with information, nano(technology), and the cognitive, etc. domains will have revolutionary influences upon weapons and equipment, the combat spaces, the forms of warfare, and military theories.”

More from Daily Caller:

Former officials have warned that U.S. adversaries could use gene-editing technology in nefarious ways. CRISPR technology is a lab process that edits DNA and can be used for beneficial medical advances, and Western scientists consider the use of gene-editing to enhance human performance unethical to pursue in healthy people, NBC reported.

Two American researchers pointed to indications that the Chinese military are interested in using CRISPR to enhance performance on the battlefield in a 2019 paper.

The researchers also noted an interest in “biological dominance” or “command-superiority in biology” in the Chinese military’s writings on future warfare.