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Joe Biden plans to request that Americans wear masks for 100 days starting on Inauguration Day, according to Fox News.

“The first day I’m inaugurated I’m going to ask the public for 100 days to mask. Just 100, not forever — 100 days.”

“I think we’ll see a significant reduction that occurs with vaccinations and masking to drive down the numbers considerably.”

To date, there have been 14 million cases and more than 275,000 deaths since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

A $908 billion would establish a $300 per week jobless benefit, send $160 billion to help state and local governments, boost schools and universities, re-establish “paycheck protection” subsidies for businesses, and bail out transit systems and airlines.

“In the spirit of compromise we believe the bipartisan framework introduced by senators yesterday should be used as the basis for immediate bipartisan, bicameral negotiations,” Pelosi and Schumer said.

From Fox News:

The record daily death toll coincides with news of a record number of hospitalized coronavirus patients, topping 100,000 on Tuesday. The grim milestone comes as health officials warned of surges tied to holiday travel and lockdown fatigue.

Biden’s comments also come as he urges lawmakers on Capitol Hill to get behind a bipartisan COVID-19 relief effort after a monthslong logjam to deliver much-sought aid as the tempestuous congressional session speeds to a close.

The statement was a significant concession by Pelosi and Schumer, who played hardball this fall during failed preelection discussions with the administration on a costlier bill. They wanted a more generous unemployment benefit and far more for state and local government. Their embrace of the $908 billion measure was a retreat from a secret $1.3 trillion offer the two Democrats gave McConnell just on Monday.

It’s another sign of urgency for additional COVID aid and economic stimulus as the economy struggles to recover from being slammed by the novel coronavirus. While the jobless rate isn’t as high as was feared, the restaurant and airline industries are desperate for aid, as are other businesses, state and local officials, transit systems and the Postal Service, among others.