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Joe Biden wrote about globalism in an October 22 Op-ed for the World Journal, and in it, he claimed that the US will ‘collaborate’ with China when it’s beneficial to the United States, according to the Western Journal.

“We have to work with other nations to meet global challenges that impact us all, starting by rebuilding our relationships with our closest partners,” Biden wrote.

“We’re a Pacific power, and we’ll stand with friends and allies to advance our shared prosperity, security, and values in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“We’ll work to collaborate with China when it’s in our interest, including on public health and climate change.”

More The Western Journal:

Now, the man who assured Americans that China wasn’t going to eat our lunch is openly promising to “collaborate” with the communist regime ruling the country.

In an Oct. 22 Op-Ed for the World Journal, a North American Chinese-language news publication, Biden argued that the United States “can’t isolate itself from the world” and would be better off working with other countries.

While the presumptive president-elect did mention furthering relations with Taiwan, a bitter enemy of the People’s Republic of China, he stopped short of offering any real support for the embattled island nation.