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According to USA Today, Trump has surpassed Joe Biden in 9 out of 12 swing states.

However, Biden still leads over Trump in national polls.

As USA Today wrote, “Biden’s average lead is only 3 percentage points or more in five of the swing states, but those include the crucial states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that Trump flipped in 2016.”

From USA Today:

National average
USA TODAY average of averages: Biden 51.4%, Trump 42.9% (Biden +8.6)

Last week: Biden 51.9%, Trump 42.1% (Biden +9.8)

Net change: Trump +1.2

RCP: Biden 50.8%, Trump 42.8%
FiveThirtyEight: Biden 52.0%, Trump 42.9%
At this point in 2016: Clinton +5.6

Swing state averages
Arizona: Biden +2.7