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🚨 POLL: Should alcohol be allowed on airplanes?

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Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Easyjet and KLM are among a slew of airline companies that are suspending all or part of their alcoholic beverage service in response to the coronavirus, according to CNN.

Some airlines have stopped serving hot drinks like coffee and tea as well as alocoholic beverages.

Delta Airlines isn’t serving alcohol on domestic flights or within the Americas, but beer, wine and spirits can be found on all other international flights.

American Airlines: Will no longer serve alcohol on domestic flights, and will limit both food and beverage accouterments.

International flights will continue to serve alcohol in the First Class cabin.

Easy Jet Airlines: Will only serve water upon request. Flight attendants will monitor and clean the restrooms between uses.

Guests will be allowed to bring on their own alcohol.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines: Will offer “health packs” to all passengers, which includes face masks, surface wipes, and hand gel.

It too is temporarily removing alcohol on board.

KLM Airlines: Will not offer hot or alcoholic drinks, but soft drinks and water will be given in “pre-packed” refreshments upon boarding.

They will only offer hot meals on flights longer than nine hours.

Ryanair Airlines: Will offer only pre-packaged foods that must be pre-ordered before flying.

They will, however, continue to sell alcohol.

Hot drinks like coffee and tea will not be available through July.

British Airways: Alcohol service in short-haul flights will no longer be served to the “economy class.”

Special meals, including children’s meals, are temporarily unavailable.

More from CNN:

It’s part of a widespread revision of the industry’s food and drink service to minimize interaction between crew and passengers and to ensure a safer journey for all.
With face masks already mandatory on pretty much all flights around the world, and new legislation introduced in January 2020 to curb anti-social behavior on flights, it’s another in a line of barriers — literal and legal — to getting high in the sky.

In Asia, Hong Kong’s flag-carrier Cathay Pacific will still have drinks available throughout the flight, but the pre-meal bar and pre-poured drinks are temporarily suspended.
Virgin Australia is serving all guests complimentary water and a snack, but additional food and drinks aren’t currently available for on-board purchase.